Tanzania: Song banned due to alleged ‘provocative’ content

12 May 2021
Image: Rapper Nay wa Mitego / Nay wa Mitego on Instagram


3 May 2021: The Tanzanian National Arts Council (BASATA) banned the song Mama by rapper Nay Wa Mitego (real name Emmanuel Elibariki) due to its alleged provocative content, reported The Citizen.

In an official letter issued to the rapper, BASATA stated that the song is not eligible for digital platforms before modifications because it was deemed provocative.


Music regulatory measures in Tanzania require applications to be submitted for approval before a song can be released to the public.

In 2016, Nay Wa Mitego was banned indefinitely by BASATA for a song titled Pale Kati Patamu, which according to the authorities, contains “immoral content”. The following year, the rapper was detained for releasing a song that was deemed critical of the government.

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