Syria: ISIL burns music instruments of ‘Peace Ambassador’ artist

5 May 2015


On 17 April 2015, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) burnt the musical instruments of the young Palestinian pianist Ayham Al Ahmad, reported Syria Live Network.

Ayham Al Ahmad is well-known for his music expressing the tragedies of the Syrian war, which he has performed amid the devastated buildings in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, located south of Damascus.

According to SLN, ISIL burnt the instruments on Al Ahmed’s birthday, on the day he turned 27 seven, causing many of his social media fans to ask for promoting and supporting his songs everywhere. Many sources indicated that the ISIL people who burnt his instruments were refugees from Yarmouk who joined ISIL recently.

Besides being a pianist, Ayham Al Ahmed works in a shop owned by his family selling musical instruments. He learnt music from the age of four, and has studied music and been taught by some of the best Syrian musicians. He is a graduate of the Arab Institute of Music in Damascus. He obtained a certificate in musical education in 2005 and has worked with many Russian and German musicians. He is a member of the Syrian Musicians Syndicate.


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“داعش” تحرق آلات سفير اليرموك للسلام


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