Syria: Fleeing civil war, piano player travels towards Germany

21 September 2015


AFP’s Rana Moussaoui and NBC News’ Jacob Rascon have published new reports of what further happened to 27-year-old piano player Aeham al-Ahmad, whose piano was burned by jihadists in April 2015 after his songs of hope amid the rubble of Syria’s largest Palestinian camp had become a social media sensation.

Like tens of thousands of others, Aeham al-Ahmad decided to flee Syria’s civil war struck Yarmuk. On 10 September 2015, he began posting pictures on Facebook documenting his travel from Syria to Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia, heading north for Germany.

» NBC News – 20 September 2015:
Syria’s Piano Man Flees After Years of Giving Hope to Others


» Agence France-Presse – 20 September 2015:
His Piano Burned by Islamic State, Syrian Musician Joins Migrant Tide

» Also published in several languages by,,,,, and many other news sites

‘The pianist of Yarmouk camp Ayham al Ahmad playing amid the rubble’

Video published on on 19 September 2015.

Another video with Ayham al-Ahmad was published here on 13 March 2015


» Freemuse – 5 May 2015:
ISIL burns music instruments of ‘Peace Ambassador’ artist

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