Syria: Cartoonist attacked allegedly over satirical artwork of a politician

4 August 2021
Image: From Pixabay


Two unknown masked individuals stabbed Syrian cartoonist and activist Hadeel Ismail on 16 July 2021 in A’zaz, Syria. The attack is believed to be connected to artist’s satirical cartoons depicting a politician, reported SKeyes Media.

Ismail was transferred to the National Hospital in A’zaz, and she is currently in a stable condition.

The attack was attributed to unknown individuals because of the undetermined cause of the accident. However, according to the Reporters Without Borders, Ismail’s place of work Syrian Press Centre, informed that she was threatened a few weeks before the attack. The threats targeted the artist over her satirical cartoons of the former head of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces and the High Negotiations Committee, Nasr Hariri.

Skyline International, an organisation defending the rights to freedom of opinion and expression on social media, condemned the attack on Hadeel Ismail and demanded that the force in the A’zaz area exercise their role and end the repeated violations.

Freemuse research presented in The State of Artistic Freedom 2021 found that 27% of 238 violations of artistic freedom in visual arts were related to cartoonists and illustrators’ censorship.  

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