Sweden: Outdoor sculpture partly burned down

14 December 2016

Around a quarter of Lars Vilks’ large outdoor sculpture in the Kullaberg nature reserve in southwest Sweden was burned down in an incident police suspect to be arson, reported Afton Bladet on 24 November 2016.

The artwork, entitled ‘Nimis’, consists of a series of wooden sculptures made out of 75 tonnes of driftwood and is located in a difficult-to-reach area of the nature reserve. By the time fire services were able to reach the fire by boat, the structure closest to the sea was burned down, but much of the other parts of the work were not harmed.

‘Nimis’ has been a controversial artwork ever since construction began in the 1980s as no permission was ever given to build the structures in the natural reserve. Parts of the work have been burned down before in 1985 and have been by damaged by storms and strong winds.

The Swedish artist himself has also been at the centre of controversy and is best known for his 2007 drawings of Prophet Muhammad that led to protests and death threats which have forced Vilks to live in a secret location under police protection ever since.

Most recently, in 2015 in Denmark, a shooting occurred at a café in Copenhagen where an event was being held concerning blasphemy and freedom of speech. Vilks was a member of the discussion panel.

Photo: ‘Nimis’/Wikipedia


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Notorious Lars Vilks artwork burned down in Sweden

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