Sweden: Metal band allegedly receives threats after cancelling gig

15 August 2016

black ingvars sweden
Swedish metal band Black Ingvars have reported receiving multiple anonymous death threats after they decided to pull out of a summer festival organised by far-right, nationalist party Swedish Democrats, reported Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet on 8 August 2016.

“I have received emails where people write that they hope I’ll die in a car crash or suffer sudden cancer,” singer Magnus Tengby told the newspaper. He added that the number and severity of the threats were so large they have been forced to stay at “secret locations” while they tour and hire bodyguards on stage while they perform.

Members of the political party have said the singer is lying and that the band and the party had exchanged several e-mails about the festival, including that they were organising the event. Tengby said the band thought the municipality was organising the festival.

Artists in Sweden over the last few years have increasingly come under attack by far-right and extremist groups. According to the ‘Culture under threat?’ report published in April 2016 by Kulturanalys, the Swedish Agency for Cultural Policy, one out of three Swedish writers and visual artists have been exposed to threats, harassment, violence or vandalism.


» The Local – 9 August 2016:
Death threats force Swedish band to hire bodyguards

» Aftonbladet – 8 August 2016:
Black Ingvars playing under death threats

» Göteborgs-Posten – 8 August 2016:
Bodyguards protect Black Ingvars

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