Sudan: Two singers receive fine and singing ban

5 January 2015


In November 2014, the Sudanese authorities banned the two singers of Hamadat group, Hamada al Rahima and Hamada Bahry, from singing until they had been approved by authorities, and until they promise to stop singing what the authorities describe as ‘ribald’ songs – indecent songs that refer to sexual indications and could be considered immoral.

This statement was made when they attended a hearing held for them by the Penalty Committee of the Musical and Acting Professions Council as per an official summon. The council works under a law approved by the Cabinet which grants it powers to hold hearings and if necessary issue a ban on an artist.

Hamada al Rahima and Hamada Bahry (also spelled: Hamada Bahari) paid a fine of 1,000 Sudanese pounds for having been singing at weddings without authorisation to do so from the Voice Verification Committee of the Musical and Acting Professions Council.

They were banned from singing until they settle their status with the authorities of the council.

The Council also set conditions for both singers to be fulfilled if they want to sing again. They were told to sing ‘meaningful and decent songs’, and never try again to sing what was termed ‘ribald’ songs, as per the authorities’ statements.

The singers had to sign a testimony that they would not sing until they fulfill the conditions and their singing has been approved by the respective committee of the Council. They testified that they will never again sing ‘indecent songs’, as ordered, because they wanted to be able to continue pursuing their careers as musicians.

Photo above: Hamada Bahry

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