Spain: Rappers’ jail sentences reduced on appeal

1 October 2018
Members of Spanish rap group La Insurgencia have had their two-year jail sentences for "supporting terrorism" reduced to six months on appeal.
Image: La Insurgencia Facebook


Twelve members of Spanish rap group La Insurgencia won’t be sent to prison for “supporting terrorism” in their lyrics after their two-year jail sentences were reduced to six months at the Appeals Chamber of the National Court on 19 September, reported Publico.

The court slashed their sentences to the legal minimum penalty for such convictions because the terror groups that La Insurgencia reference in its songs, including GRAPO and ETA, are already inactive.

It rejected La Insurgencia’s defence that the musical style of rap allows for more provocative language,  concluding the group’s songs constitute hate speech and go beyond the terms of freedom of expression.

In December 2017, 12 members of the group were each sentenced to two years and one day in prison, fined 4,500 euros and banned from standing for public office for nine years.

One of the members, Iván Leszno, said the sentence reduction is a “small victory” and the group will appeal to Supreme Court for an acquittal, reported

“The battle is not won. Even if we do not enter prison, we are still condemned and we are not free,” Leszno said.

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