Somalia: Regional court orders four singers released from custody

1 October 2015


Somaliland Informer reported on 30 September 2015 that a Hargeisa regional court has ordered the release of the four detained Horn Star singers who were arrested as they four days earlier had returned from a tour to Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

Court chairman Hon. Ahmed Dalmar Ismail has issued a formal statement saying the police have failed to bring credible cases against the detained singers.

Somaliland Informer stated that “The four singers have been freed at last after human rights organizations, opposition groups and supporters have condemned the illegal arrest of the singers.”

Mareeg wrote that in social media, Somalis across the globe have criticised Somaliland authorities for the arrests.

The singers allegedly had faced charges of “national betrayal” because they had visited Mogadishu without permission and they had shared photos online which showed them wrapped in the blue Somali flag.

While in detention, one of the four musicians, Nimcaan Hilaac, managed to get access to the Internet via a mobile phone for a short period, and he reportedly stated on his Facebook page that soldiers had beaten him and his colleagues and taken away their cash during an interrogation the day after they were arrested.

“I am a Somali singer, I am musician for every Somali speaking person – They have confiscated $3500 money from me as ransom,” he said in one post, calling his fans to pray for his release.


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