Egypt: Singer sentenced to jail for insulting head of Syndicate of Musical Professions

26 November 2020
Image: Hamo Bika / Hamo Bika on Instagram


31 October: Egyptian singer Hamo Bika was sentenced to two years in prison along with a 200 thousand Egyptian pound fine (10,7 thousand Euro) for insulting singer and head of Syndicate of Musical Professions Hany Shaker, reported Sada El Balad.

The initial complaint against Hamo Bika was filed by the lawyer of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, in which the singer was accused of storming a public facility, threatening to destroy the Syndicate facilities, stirring up riots, and of insulting Hany Shaker and other Syndicate employees.

Bika was charged for insulting the head of the union after not being given the permit to practice his profession, which in turn, was due to the fact he did not complete the conditions for being granted permission to sing. Namely, the singer was prevented from singing in a concert in Damietta after being ruled unfit to sing by a union membership committee. The context of the ban is the union’s decision to “upgrade” public taste and prevent depravity, degradation and words violating public morals by the deemed “unfit” singers.

The singer published an apology to Hani Shaker on his social media and stated he apologised in person within the syndicate headquarters, as well.


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