Singapore: Writers boycott National Library Board

14 July 2014

The National Library Board in Singapore has allegedly decided to destroy the books ‘And Tango Makes Three’, ‘The White Swan Express’ and ‘Who’s In My Family?: All About Our Families’ because of complaints from members of the We Are Against Pink Dot in Singapore Facebook group. This has caused strong reactions from writers, reported The Malay Mail


‘Pink Dot’ is the annual gay-pride rally in Singapore, held on 28 June.

“Social media has been buzzing like mad with the spread of the penguin meme and also some strong reactions, including from Singapore writers. Novelist and playwright Ovidia Yu announced her resignation from the Singapore Writers’ Festival steering committee, citing the National Library Board being a programme partner as the reason.

Poet Felix Cheong, tv-writer Prem Anand, graphic novelist and poet Gwee Li Sui and fictionist Adrian Tan have all decided to boycott a panel discussion they were supposed to have at the National Library Board.”

A Facebook group with the title Singapore’s Parents Against Library Censorship received over 2,000 ‘likes’ within its first four days on the website.

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