Silencing Music in Turkey – a briefing on the past 12 months

31 October 2012

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Silencing Music in Turkey 2012: 18-pages PDF document

This leaflet with updates on violations of musical expression in Turkey in the past 12 months was published in October 2012 by the Initiative for Freedom of Expression in Istanbul, Turkey, and distributed at the first World Conference on Artistic Freedom of Expression, ‘All That is Banned is Desired’ in Oslo, Norway.

The headlines:

December 23, 2011: Murder on a Kurdish song
December 30, 2011: Minister of Internal Affairs enlarges terrorism
January 20, 2012: Punishment for the pornographic(!) video clips
February 12, 2012: Biletix also investigates ‘terrorism’!
February 24, 2012: Concert lawsuit against Mayor – 10 months imprisonment for singing
March 8, 2012: 3 more months in prison for singing
March 30, 2012: Attack on Group Yorum member in prison
May 11, 2012: A new case against Pınar Aydınlar
May 25, 2012: Kurdish songs on trial – 10 months for 2 songs
June 29, 2012: Two years of imprisonment for singer Ferhat Tunç
July 20, 2012: Drink ban at the festival
August 17, 2012: John Lennon censored
September 21, 2012: Singer’s ear, violinist’s finger….
October 19, 2012: First hearing at Fazıl Say case – Hatay governor bans Concert



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