Saudi Arabia: Comedian receives death threats over tv satire

27 July 2015

 Nasser Al Qasabi
The news that Saudi actor Nasser Al Qasabi (also spelled: Naser Al Gasabi) had received death threats after he made fun of the Islamic State fighters, ISIS, in one episode of his comedy series titled ‘Selfie’ went around the planet in June 2015.

“Saudi comedian Nasser Al Qasabi has implemented the weapon of humor to fight back against the Islamic State, and he may pay for it with his life,” wrote Emily Morgan for Headlines and Global News,

One tweet sent to Qasabi since the show went out said: “The holy warriors will not rest until they cut your head from your body, in just a few days hopefully.”

Despite and criticism, the show continued to air daily on Al Arabiya News’ sister channel, MBC.

“My twitter account is overflowing with people cursing at me and threatening me with all sorts of curse words and threats,” Nasser Al Qasabi tweeted. “I tell them all, calm down and Ramadan Kareem, the show is still in its very beginning!” (‘Ramadan kareem’, a greeting, can be translated as ‘Have a bountiful Ramadan’.)

In remarks posted on MBC’s website, Qasabi said: “Allah will protect us. It is the job of the artist to say the truth, even if that is at his own expense. This is the price we have to pay.”

He said in an interview with al-Arabiya: “Warning the people about Isis is the true jihad [struggle], because we’re fighting them with art not war.”

Qasabi received supportive tweets gathering around the hashtag #سيلفي (#selfie)

More than 60,000 have ‘liked’ his official Facebook page for the show.

Nasser Al Qasabi


» The Guardian – 25 June 2015:
Saudi comedian laughs off threats over Isis satire
“Nasser al-Qasabi, whose satirical sketch series Selfie has caused a stir, says it is an artist’s job to speak the truth”

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Je Suis…Nasser!

» Daily Mail – 23 June 2015:
Saudi comedian receives death threats over his hit show about a would-be terrorist starting his own version of ISIS

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Nasser Al Qasabi Receives Death Threats For Mocking Islamic State On Satirical TV Show

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Saudi TV series deploys new weapon against ISIS: satire

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Death threats for Saudi satire star who fights Islamic State with laughs

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Nasser Al Qasabi’s ISIS ‘Selfie’ Video Inspires Beheading Threats From DAESH Jihadists On Twitter

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Nasser al Qasabi branded an “apostate” over new show mocking ISIS, religion

» Al Arabiya – 20 June 2015:
‘God is my protector:’ Saudi satire star speaks out on ISIS threat

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