Russia: Theatre director fired for staging opera that offended church

2 April 2015


Russia’s Ministry of Culture has fired the director and head of Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre for having staged a Wagner opera which offended Orthodox believers.

“What some perceive as a sophisticated work of art was interpreted as offensive blasphemy by others. The production of ‘Tannhauser’ has exposed the sharp divisions within Russian society,” wrote Ivan Nechepurenko in The Moscow Times as a large group of over 1,000 Novosibirsk citizens gathered in Novosibirsk to protest what they saw as attempts to destroy their culture, and as Russia’s culture ministry in response to the tumult in Novosibirsk stated that director Boris Mezdrich had been fired because “the feelings of religious believers should be respected”.

In a reference to deadly jihadist attacks in Paris in January 2015, the ministry branded the play as a “deliberate mockery” of religious belief, warning it could lead “to people’s deaths, as we have seen recently.”

The Russian Orthodox Church’s head of public affairs, Vsevolod Chaplin, had earlier branded the opera production a “desecration of a symbol revered by Christians.”

“Milestone towards censorship”
The controversy around the contemporary staging of Wagner’s opera in Russia’s third-largest city Novosibirsk has sparked comparisons with Pussy Riot’s punk protest against Putin in a Moscow cathedral in 2012.

Many prominent Russian theatre directors, actors and public figures have issued letters in support of the production, and leading figures from the Russian theatre scene have spoken out against the sacking of Boris Mezdrich.

Director Kirill Serebrennikov told Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei radio it was “awful, awful, awful. This is a really ugly incident.”

“This incident will be the latest milestone in the direction towards censorship, either by the state or by the Church,” Ksenia Sergazina, an expert at Sova Centre which monitors extremism and hate crimes, told AFP.

Vedomosti Business Daily said it was the “first … openly repressive decision” by Medinsky, whose ministry funds much of Russia’s vibrant arts scene.

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