Russia: Rapper has appeal rejected as Moscow court upholds music video ban

22 March 2019
A venue in Russia has cancelled a gig by rapper Husky after pressure from prosecutors who claimed some of his lyrics call for cannibalism.
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22 March 2019

UPDATE: Russian rapper has appeal rejected as Moscow court upholds music video ban

The Tagansky Court in Moscow, Russia upheld the ban of the rapper Husky´s clip Judas as legal, reported RBC on 19 March 2019.

Rapper Dmitry Kuznetsov aka Husky filed an administrative complaint to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs following the authorities blocking Russian audiences from viewing Judas on YouTube since November 2018.

The Court rejected the complaint and recognised the ban as legal.


27 November 2018

UPDATE: Russian rapper released from jail after Kremlin intervention

The Pervomaisky District Court of Krasnodar overturned the 12-day prison sentence for Russian rapper Husky, after intervention from the presidential administration officials, TV Rain reported.


23 November 2018

UPDATE: Russian rapper to spend 12 days in jail

A Krasnodar court on 22 November 2018 sentenced rapper Dmitry Kuznetsov aka Husky to 12 days in jail for petty hooliganism, The Moscow Times reported.

He was also sentenced to three days in jail for refusing a drug and alcohol exam, which he will serve concurrently with the 12-day sentence. 

The judge dismissed the count of unlawful assembly.

22 November 2018

UPDATE: Rapper detained by police

On 21 November 2018, Russian rapper Dmitry Kuznetsov aka Husky was detained by police in the city of Krasnodar during a performance outside Bounce club, according to

When concertgoers couldn’t get into the venue, Husky reportedly climbed onto the roof of a car and performed a song outside. In a video of the event he is seen being pulled down from the car.

BBC reported Husky was taken to the police station of the Central District of Krasnodar.

Police have not yet opened a criminal case against him, but has three administrative violations, namely “mass stay of citizens in public places, petty hooliganism, accompanied by disobedience of the police, as well as refusal to undergo a medical examination for the presence of alcohol in the blood”, according to BBC.

He can be jailed for 15 days.

Husky’s show on Friday 23 November in Volgograd has been cancelled.


21 November 2018

UPDATE: Rapper’s video blocked on YouTube in Russia

Russian authorities have blocked Russian audiences from viewing Husky’s video for Judas on YouTube, reported BBC on 17 November 2018.

“When you try to open a video, the inscription appears: ‘Content is blocked in the domain of your country at the request of government agencies,'” BBC said.

The clip has clocked up almost 5.4 million views on YouTube and is still accessible outside Russia.


In a separate incident on 20 November 2018, Husky was forced to perform in Rostov without amplified sound after police officers allegedly threatened the venue Rave Club, reported locals news site

Before the concert, two policemen and other people in civilian clothes warned one of the managers about preventing extremist activities and violations of the law during a public event. Police also allegedly threatened to plant drugs.

The sound and lighting were turned off and guards stopped letting people into the concert.

In a video of the performance, Husky performs without amplified music or a microphone.


6 November 2018

Rapper’s gig cancelled after cannibalism claims

A concert by rapper Husky was cancelled in the Russian city of Tolyatti after prosecutors claimed some of his lyrics call for cannibalism, organisers announced on 26 October 2018.

According to Husky, the lyrics in question are: “Remember you died and we ate your meat” from his song Poem about the motherland.

He said prosecutors also allegedly found “insults to the feelings of believers, propaganda of Nazism and sexual debauchery” in his songs.

Organisers announced they were “forced” to cancel the 2 November gig, saying representatives from the prosecutor’s office went to the club and “strongly recommended” cancelling the upcoming concert or else serious sanctions would apply. 

“Representatives of the club could not contradict the prosecutor’s office and refused to lease us, terminating the contract,” the organisers said on Russian social media site VK.

Husky, who is touring Russia throughout November and December, said other venues have also been threatened, including Zvezda club in the nearby city of Samara that was told its electricity would be turned off if it hosted the rapper.

“I won’t beat around the bush… the Prosecutor’s Office is encroaching on my rights to broadcast in different cities of Russia. In Tolyatti, they have already made a mess; Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm and some other cities are next in line. The list is growing,” Husky said on VK.



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