Russia: District court bans three anime series for allegedly endangering the youth

15 February 2021
Image: Screenshot of “Death Note” / “Death Note” Trailer, Crunchyroll Collection on YouTube


20 January 2021: Russian court has banned two websites from distributing the anime films Death Note and Inuyashiki and one website from showing Tokyo Ghoul for being potentially dangerous for children and teens, as reported by Kotaku.

During the trial, the court screened episodes to argue that teenagers could re-create harmful scenes depicted in the cartoons. During the hearing, pedagogical expert Oleg Erlikh said Death Note was “potentially dangerous for a modern child.”

The St.Petersburg court said: “every episode contains cruelty, murder, violence”. It announced that 49 Russian sites distributing anime have received five lawsuits.

In December 2020, the prosecutors have also demanded the court to ban other shows, like the popular anime Naruto.

According to The Moscow Times, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency says the ban only impacts the specific web sites that the district court ruled.

However, the Russian consumer-protection and censorship agency Roskomnadzor could interpret that the ban applies to other websites distributing anime.

Death Note, Inuyashiki, and Tokyo Ghoul are globally known Japanese anime cartoons.

Death Note debuted as a manga and has been called for censorship since 2013.


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