Russia: Concert cancelled reportedly due to pressure from authorities

28 June 2021
Image: Band AloeVera / aloeband on Instagram


In June 2021, the band AloeVera had their concert cancelled due to reported pressure from authorities, reported Meduza. The concert was scheduled in Kazan and Saint Petersburg as a part of the Stereoleto festival. 

AloeVera’s vocalist, Vera Musayelian, revealed this situation and said that the owners of the club in Kazan and organisers of the Stereoleto festival received phone calls from the authorities hinting that the concert is “not recommended” and suggesting sending inspections.

Musaelyan’s husband, Ilya Yashin, is a member of the opposition and municipal deputy in the Krasnoselsk district of Moscow

“[…] Everything is as usual: “members of the family of enemies of the people” are punished,” Yashin said in his Twitter post.

Musayelian stated on her social media platforms that the performance had been targeted as “unwanted”, and the organisers of the festival were hinted “that there would be no festival” if AloeVera performs.

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According to RBC, the reason for the disruption of the concert is not clarified since, according to Musayelian, there is no hate speech or anti-governmental slogans in the band’s texts.

RBC further reports that the organiser of the Stereoleto festival stated that the concert was not cancelled but postponed to 2022.

Freemuse’s State of Artistic Freedom 2021 report states that in 2020, Russia was one of the six countries accounting for 41% of all registered restrictions to music. 


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