Radio Without Borders: Listen to the Banned

10 November 2010

Here on Earth — Radio Without Borders, a one-hour live weekday global cultural affairs programme on Wisconsin Public Radio broadcasted a special feature programme about the album ‘Listen to the banned’ on 10 November 2010.


    • * Deeyah, singer, musician, human rights activist, and producer of the album Listen to the Banned
    * Ole Reitov, co-producer of Listen to the Banned and program manager at Freemuse: Freedom of Musical Expression

Host and author: Jean Feraca

Music is a powerful global language that speaks to all of us, regardless of social, political or religious divides. Yet censorship in music is alarmingly widespread. Deeyah, a courageous young musician and human rights activist, had to give up her own singing but keeps up the fight by making other voices heard. How many times have you listened to banned music?

In the programme Deeyah tells about her experiences of being attacked for singing, and Ole Reitov tells about several of the musicians featured on the CD and global music censorship. Music censorship in the US is also discussed.


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‘Listen to the banned’ is distributed by different companies in Europe and the US.

The CD is published by the Norwegian music publisher Grappa:
Grappa Musikkforlag AS
Akersgata 7
0158 Oslo, Norway
Att: Melanie, e-mail: melanie [AT] grappa [DOT] no

UK distribution
The New Powerhouse
Gateway Business Centre, Kangley Bridge Road
London SE26 5AN, England
E-mail: eddie.wilkinson [AT] propernote [DOT] co [DOT] uk

USA distribution
Valley Entertainment

Where to buy the CD

United Kingdom online sale

USA online sale

Norway online sale

Reviews and interviews

The Independent – 12 December 2010:
‘Various artists, Listen to the Banned (Freemuse)’

The Guardian – 5 December 2010:
‘Banned singers join together for an album of hope’

B4U TV – 8 November 2010:
‘It’s time to listen to the banned’

Global Voices – 28 September 2010:
‘Songlines Top of the World’

Songlines Magazine – August / September 2010:
‘CD Brings together banned and censored musicians’

London Evening Standard – 6 August 2010:
‘CDs of the week’ – August 2010:
‘Listen to the Banned cd van de week’ (in Dutch)

Bergens Tidende in Norway – 31 March 2010:
‘Den farlige musikken’ [PDF]


1. World Music Charts Europe:
‘Listen to the banned’ landed on a No. 13 out of 866 nominated CDs in 2010.
This was the highest score of all world music compilations of 2010.
The full 2010-list.

2. Spin the Globe:
‘Listen to the Banned’ was no. 1 on Spin the Globe’s November 2010 Top-10 Chart.
Spin the Globe is a global music show airing weekly on KAOS 89.3 FM in Olympia, Washington, USA.

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Press contacts

Grappa Records: melanie [AT] grappa [DOT] no
Freemuse:   ole.reitov [AT] freemuse [DOT] org


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