Press release: Iranian singer Arya Aramnejad released from prison

29 January 2013

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Less than two weeks after a group of international artists joined Freemuse in a campaign for the release of the Iranian singer Arya Aramnejad, who was given a 91 days prison sentence just before New Year, he was able to leave prison.

According to Freemuse sources, Arya Aramnejad was released due to “international reactions”. In 2012, Aramnejad was given a one year prison sentence, which was later changed to 91 days, but eventually was reduced to a couple of weeks imprisonment. But even though the singer feels a great sense of relief he can still not perform or release his music without restrictions. Freemuse appeals to the Iranian government to abolish pre-censorship legislations and non-transparent restrictions of musicians and to respect the international conventions.

The artists who joined the Freemuse campaign are singer Lapiro de Mbanga, who successfully ran a case against Cameroon in The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, visual artist Larissa Sansour, producer Deeyah, singer-songwriter Roger Lucey from South Africa, Outspoken, one of Africa’s foremost rappers and performers and rapper and performer Behrang Miri from Stockholm.

Freemuse campaign: Singer Arya Aramnejad released from prison

Iran: International artists support imprisoned Iranian musician

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