Press release: Freemuse in leading role for global network in support of artistic freedom of expression

1 November 2012
Artsfex is a new global network advocating and defending artistic freedom of expression. Behind the new network are international arts and freedom of expression organisations and networks from all over the world. The unique initiative bridges the gap between freedom of expression organisations and artists’ organisations.

Freemuse in collaboration with UK-based Index on Censorship and NCAC, the National Coalition Against Censorship in USA, has been elected to take the initiative forward. The decision was taken at a launch meeting in Norway following ‘All that is banned is desired’ – the first ever world conference on artistic freedom of expression, organised by Fritt Ord and Freemuse at the Oslo Opera House.

“Freemuse very much welcomes the formation of this network and looks forward to working with our international partners on furthering the cause of freedom of artistic expression across the globe,” said Chair of Freemuse Professor Martin Cloonan:

“Recent censorship incidents, the suppression of creative voices, and threats against the lives of artists have made it clear that we have arrived at the moment when creative workers and free speech activists need to work together against repression and for an open cultural space both locally, regionally and globally.”

Across all art disciplines
Artsfex is the first international civil society network actively concerned with the right of artists to freedom of expression as well as with issues relating to human rights and freedoms generally. Artsfex aims to promote, protect and defend artistic freedom of expression, as well as freedom of assembly, thought, and opinion in and across all art disciplines, globally.

The formation of Artsfex follows the very successful World Conference on Artistic Freedom of Expression ‘All that is banned is desired’ which was held in Oslo on 25-26 October 2012, and which highlighted the urgent need for a global community in support of artists’ right to freedom of expression.

For more information, contact
• Ole Reitov, programme manager, Freemuse: +45 2323 2765 (mobile), +45 3332 1027 (office), e-mail:

• Julia Farrington, Index on Censorship: e-mail:

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Freemuse is an independent international organisation which advocates freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide. The organisation’s home page,, is the world’s largest knowledge base on music censorship. For more information about Freemuse, its activities and publications, see
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