Poland: Bishop bans songs by ABBA, The Beatles, Leonard Cohen

17 December 2018
A bishop in Poland has banned secular songs, including anything by The Beatles, from weddings and funerals.
Photo credit: Pål Allan / ABBA The-Museum


Forget about walking down the aisle to your favourite Beatles track if you get married in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kielce, Poland. The Bishop has published a list of popular songs now banned from being performed at weddings and funerals, Wirtualna Polska reported on 26 November 2018.

Included in the list by Bishop Jan Piotrowski is any song by the Fab Four, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, The Winner Takes It All by ABBA, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, Dreaming by Robert Schumann, and music from the Academy Award-winning film The Mission.

“It is forbidden to perform secular songs in the liturgy (especially when it comes to Mass with the celebration of the sacrament of marriage and during the funeral liturgy),” the instructions on music and singing, published on 22 November, say.

“Film and entertainment music, which are often without proper content and form, cannot find a place during the Eucharist.

“Songs that can be performed during the Mass should come from the rich treasury of the Church’s tradition, presenting the right content and form.”

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