Poland: Belarusian exhibition censored in the last minute

8 November 2012

A Belarusian outdoor visual arts exhibition in Warsaw underwent serious censorship. Representatives of the Belarusian embassy removed nine paintings because they found them ‘inappropriate’.

The artist Ruslan Vashkevich was video interviewed by Alexander Nikolaichuk and Mila Siwiec,

The Belarusian version of the exhibition, entitled the Zabor art project, was displayed on a fence in Minsk in the summer 2012, but less than an hour before the exhibition was supposed to open in Warsaw, the diplomatic representation of Belarus in Warsaw removed nine paintings — allegedly in agreement with the Belarusian Cultural Centre in the city — because they found them ‘inappropriate’ to be shown in Poland.

According to the organisation Charter 97, the artists who have their works exhibited in the Zabor art project are discussing whether to leave it in a protest against the censorship.


Source: – 5 November 2012:
Белорусские художники отказываются писать на Zabore – with four video interviews
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English translation by Charter 97 – 6 November 2012:
Artists leaving Zabor art project over censorship



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