Photographic project censored on Facebook

19 September 2013

The photographic project ‘Los Intocables’ (‘The Untouchables’) by Cuban artist and creative director Erik Ravelo has been censored by Facebook, according to the artist, and he has been receiving threats.

Erik Ravelo’s installation project features a variety of issues plaguing children around the world. Published on the site on 22 July 2013, the series of images obtained 20,553 ‘Likes’ in a few days.

The seven portraits, which depict the infringements of the rights of children, were considered extreme by Facebook. The series was locked from distribution on the website.

On 30 August Facebook removed the image of a priest and child, created by Ravelo to denounce the abuse of minors behind the religious walls. Facebook then forbid Ravelo from uploading any more images for seven days, before taking down his Fan Page in its entirety on 19 September 2013.

“I am used to governmental censorship from Cuba but with this,” he told The Huffington Post’s (unnamed) report who tried to reach out to Facebook for a response but did not get any reply.

Cuban artist and creative director Erik Ravelo is also used to having his artwork censored as the man behind United Colors of Benetton’s UnHate campaign, which featured doctored photos of world leaders making out.

His new project has managed to spark even more controversy: “I had people writing me, threatening me,” he said in a phone conversation with the Huffington Post. “At first the project was fun but it got a little out of hand.”

When asked if he planned to fight the online censorship, Ravelo responded: “I am not even that interested in fighting; I am more interested in promoting my work.”

Erik Ravelo has started a petition where he writes:

On September 19, 2013, the Facebook Fan Page of the artist Erik Ravelo, currently working as the creative director of Fabrica in Italy, was censored by Facebook, deleted, and taken off the popular social media website.

Translated to English from Italian, Facebook communicated to Ravelo, “Your page has been removed because it infringes our conditions of use. Your page was labelled for harmful content.” (…)

While Ravelo has appealed the decision, if his appeal is not granted, his page will be deleted permanently.

“This campaign promotes the rights of children, there is no reference to harm, I find no reason for censorship of this nature,” says Ravelo.

» The petition runs on

Huffington Post – 10 September 2013:
Controversial Art Project Addressing Violence Against Children Is Censored By Facebook (NSFW PHOTOS)

Erik Ravelo’s home page:

Huffington Post – 14 August 2012:
In the Wake of Facebook’s Richter Blackout, Does the Social Network Still Stand for Censoring Art?
“We were quite surprised last year when Facebook took down a photo posted by the New York Academy of Art on our page. It never occurred to us that the school, one of the world’s leading institutions teaching art studio skills and techniques, drawing, painting, and sculpture, would be mistaken for a purveyor of pornography.”

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