Peru: Art installation of Virgin Mary Statue that reflects on abortion has been vandalised

20 July 2020
Image: Art Installation by Romina Chuls / Instagram


Romina Chuls installation “Virgencita abortera” of her exhibition “Clandestinas” (clandestine) at the Forum Gallery in Miraflores has been vandalised in February by an unknown individual of the group Patriotas de Perú, reported El Comercio.

Chuls exhibition “Clandestinas” reflects on the illegality of abortion and the emotional stress many women experience when forced to carry on an unwanted pregnancy.  “Virgencita abortera”, the vandalised art piece, showcased a Virgin Mary statue with added on elements by Chuls. According to El Comercio, an unidentified man removed the parts Chuls had added on, leaving the bare Virgin Mary statue. A video later has been uploaded on the Facebook site of the Patriotas de Perú showing the act of destruction as an alleged act of justice. Chuls now considers filing a police complaint against the Patriotas de Perú. She further states that “it is very worrying that groups like this exist. More than religious fanatics, it is absolute misogyny.”


Forum Gallery said in an official statement: “We invoke respect and tolerance with ideas that we do not share. Romina Chuls is a valuable plastic artist, and her proposal in itself invokes a reflection on the reality of many Peruvians. The gallery does not necessarily share their ideas but respects and supports their freedom of expression.”

Abortion has been illegal in Peru since 1924. Activists and artists have made multiple attempts to decriminalise abortion in cases of rape, incest, and foetal abnormalities; none of these efforts have yielded policy changes.

You can follow Romina Chuls work here.


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