Palestine: DJ detained for the alleged ‘desecration’ of holy sites and violating COVID-19 restrictions

5 January 2021
Image: DJ Sama Abdulhadi / Sama AbdulHadi on Facebook


On 3 January, Palestinian DJ Sama Abdulhadi was released from detention, after Palestinian authorities arrested her on 27 December 2020 for the “desecration” of holy sites and violating COVID-19 regulations, reported Crack Magazine.

Abdulhadi was performing at a musical evening at the Maqam Nabi Moussa shrine in Jericho at the time of the arrest. According to CNN, Abdulhadi’s lawyer Hadi Mashal confirmed that the artist was charged for violating Article 275 of the Palestinian Penal Code, which criminalises the “desecration” of holy sites or symbols with the intent to insult a religion. If indicted, she faces up to two years in prison. Additionally, the DJ was also charged with violating COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

Abdulhadi was released on bail and is not allowed to leave Palestine as the investigation is still pending.

A production company from France invited the artist to perform at several Palestinian historical sites, and the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities gave her permission to do so at the Bazaar site of the Maqam Nabi Moussa.

Immediately after the arrest, the petition calling for the immediate release of Sama Abdulhadi was circulated gathering over 100,000 supporters.

The artist is currently awaiting the decision on whether the charges will be pursued.

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