Palestine: Cartoonist arrested because of his drawings and social media publications

6 April 2020
Image: Drawing of Abu Sharekh created by Ismail Al-Bozom / Ismail Al-Bozom on Facebook


20 March 2020: Members of the General Investigation Department of the Ministry of Interior in the Hamas government in Gaza arrested cartoonist Ismail Al-Bozom because of his drawings and Facebook posts, in which he criticised the Hamas government, reported SKeyes Media.

“I was surprised that I was detained, and they investigated my drawings and posts on my personal Facebook account, in which I criticize how Hamas is treating us in Gaza. I was arrested after a complaint was filed by the prosecutor who is appointed by Hamas in Gaza,” Al-Bozom told SKeyes.

According to Gatestone Institute, Al-Bozom was arrested after the post he published in which he comments on the arrest of  Abu Sharekh – Palestinian writer who has been arrested on 13 March 2020 for Facebook posts criticising Hamas.

“If the Palestinian factions and human rights organizations are not able to secure the release of Abu Sharekh, who is? Perhaps al-Emadi has more influence than all of them.”

إن كانت الفصائل وحقوق الانسان والشباب والكفلاء ليس لهم وزن لإطلاق سراح أبو شرخ، فمن الذي له وزن ؟؟ العمادي مثلاً .. أثقل منكم كلكم.

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Al-Bozom was released on 22 March 2020 after signing an agreement to attend any summons he may receive. The artist commented the arrest on his Facebook page saying that he received an “inhumane treatment” during the detention.


تم اطلاق سراحي بعد معاملة لا إنسانية رغم أنني لم أخطيء بحق أحد، ولكن بناءاً على شكوى من النائب العام، وفي ذلك أتقدم…

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