Pakistan: Music video about 9/11 censored

21 February 2007
The Pakistani-Canadian rock group Falak has been blacklisted on MTV Pakistan

After having aired the music video for their song ‘Yadein II’ for a couple of months, the tv channel deemed it too controversial because of its images related to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

Falak was supposed to open a park concert for some of Pakistan’s biggest acts in front of thousands in February 2007, but organisers abruptly cancelled the event after MTV decided not to air the video.

The news about the censorship has generated a good deal of media attention for this relatively unknown Toronto-based group.

The video shows flashbacks to flying lessons, farewell videos and letters, open maps, airport security screening and takeoff. The video ends with the famous pictures of a plane that crashes into the second World Trade Center tower in New York.

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