Online: Russian feminist artist threatened online

19 March 2021
Image: Feminist artist and activist Darya Serenko/ Darya Serenko on Instagram


13 February 2021: Online community Muzhskoye Gosudarstvo (MS) / Male State shared on social media the personal information of Darya Serenko, a Russian feminist artist and activist who has received around 600 online threats, reported Zona media.

MS leader Vladislav Pozdnyakov and other supporters of the MS published the artist’s private data and photographs of the physical address of some of her relatives on Telegram. 

The intimidation campaign of MS has targeted the artist for a long time. For years, she has received direct threats to her life and the life of her closed ones.

MS online community members are openly racist, misogynist, extreme right-wing supporters. The group is most active in closed forums and Telegram channels. 

Unfortunately, the online threats transitioned to the real world on 14 February, as  Serenko wrote on her Twitter.

Serenko was followed in Moscow on Valentine’s Day when the protest in support of jailed women was held. On the same day, the artist wrote on her Instagram that she had reported to the police her harassment and the public leak of the addresses of some of her relatives and that she was getting help from lawyers.

Serenko is a member of the socialist and feminist platform ‘SotsFem Alternativa’ (SFA) community. She is not the only member of the group suffering online abuse from anonymous accounts claiming to be from MS. Another Sots Fem Alternativa member received a threat from a private user, warning her not to participate in the 14 February protest.

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