Online: Cartoonist bullied on social media because of the artwork published on Facebook

12 June 2020
Rafat Al-Khatib posing for a picture with an old door background
Image: Cartoonist Rafat Alkhateeb / Courtesy of Rafat Alkhateeb


4 June 2020: Jordanian cartoonist Rafat Alkhateeb has been bullied on social media, after he posted a cartoon on Facebook, in which he portrayed Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, reported Skeyes Media. 

The cartoon in question depicted Prime Minister Omar Razzaz in a pose with reference to the situation of George Floyd’s death in the USA on 25 May 2020

Alkhateeb received messages condemning the cartoon and calling for his criminal prosecution. The cartoonist was advised to remove the artwork in case of possible prosecution 

 He removed the cartoon from Facebook on 1 June.

“This is not a post to justify the situation or to explain the artwork, many who follow me here and are aware of my work know the invalidity of the charges that have been made about my work and my person,” Alkhateeb said in his statement published on Facebook.  

الأصدقاء الأعزاء، على إثر الخلاف المتعلق حول الرسم الأخير وما تضمّنه من التباس وسوء فهم فقد تم حذف العمل لدرء المساءلة…

Posted by Rafat Alkhateeb on Monday, June 1, 2020


Freemuse provides a Digital Toolkit, which can serve as a guide for artists facing censorship and harassment online. It defines clear steps that could be used in these situations.  


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