Nigeria: Singer detained for song critical of politician

13 January 2016

baba iyali

Singer Baba Iyali was arrested on 9 January 2016 in the Adamawa state in north-eastern Nigeria for a song he recently released criticising the speaker of the Adamawa state house of assembly, Kabiru Mijinyawa.

This was reported by the online news site The Whistle.

The singer remains in detention in police headquarters in reportedly inhuman conditions. The arrest was allegedly carried out under instructions from the speaker.

An anonymous source told the news site that the song only criticised the speaker’s rise to power through the help of the people, but then “became inaccessible” once in office. The source further noted that the song’s co-singer, Rarara was not arrested.


» The Whistle – 12 January 2016:
Baba Iyali arrested in Adamawa, still in detention for 3 days over criticizing speaker in Hausa song

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