Nigeria: Government rebuilds Music House

10 January 2019
The Music House building owned by Nigerian singer Yinka Ayefele was demolished following a clash with the state government over planning permits.
Photo: Music House demolition in August 2018 / Yinka Ayefele Instagram


10 January 2019

UPDATE: Government rebuilds Music House

Almost five months after ordering its demolition, the Oyo state government in Nigeria has rebuilt Music House.

Singer and producer Yinka Ayefele, the building’s owner, thanked Governor Abiola Ajimobi on Instagram on 8 January 2019.

“We appreciate you so much sir,” Ayefele said.

The government has assured Ayefele that it and successive governments will not tamper with Music House again.

“Government has ensured that the building is restructured to meet the required specification and law,” Alhaji Waheed Gbadamosi, the Director-General, Oyo State Bureau of Physical and Urban Development Control said, according to The Guardian Nigeria.

“We also ensured that necessary adjustments are made and the structure is now in total compliance with physical planning laws of the state.”



22 August 2018

Nigeria: Government demolishes Music House

The Oyo state government in Nigeria partially demolished the Music House building owned by popular singer Yinka Ayefele on 19 August 2018, following controversy over planning permits, reported Premium Times.

“Oyo state government did it at last… pain my help me God,” Ayefele said on Instagram, with photos of the wrecked 800 million Nigerian Naira (1.93 million euros) building in Ibadan that houses his radio station Fresh FM.

The wheelchair-bound musician has claimed the demolition is politically motivated, after Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi previously revealed he had been advised to demolish the building in his first term.

“When we contested the first time and won, a lot of people came to meet me to destroy the music house because Ayefele is not for us and he is always using songs to insult us,” Ajimobi said while visiting the Music House in 2016, as reported by Punch.

“But I didn’t see any reason why I should demolish it because I felt if Ayefele is not for us now, he may be for us later. I am happy today that Ayefele is beside me now and I pray that the business will keep flourishing and this is the best studio I have seen in Oyo State,” he said.

In 2012, the government had threatened to demolish the building to make way for a road expansion, but only part of the fence was removed.

The most recent dispute was reportedly over the addition of a canteen, staircase, fence and radio tower, which were not part of the approved building plan.

According to Daily Post, Music House was in June 2018 asked to submit a new building plan application reflecting the exisiting structures. The owners allegedly ignored the letter and on 13 August were served a three-day notice of demolition. The building was demolished in the early hours of 19 August.

Music House said the building construction had passed all legal and government protocols, reported Pulse.

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