Newsletter no. 4 / 2007

18 July 2007

4 — 2007

Music will not be silenced: New Freemuse report

With 14 video interviews and written overviews of music censorship in countries as diverse
as Algeria, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Cuba, the new Freemuse report
is the closest you get to a global overview of music censorship today. And it is not a pretty

Based on the sessions at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference on Music & Censorship in
Istanbul last November, the new report ‘Music will not be silenced’ gives an insight
to a world unknown by many.

For the first time in history Turkish musicians and composers
aging from 20 to 85 testified in public about their trials, torture and censorship in
Turkey. And for the first time we include a CD-R with video testimonies by artists,
researchers and journalists from more than a dozen countries. The report also includes
two songs composed and recorded specifically for Freemuse.

Read more:

Singing the Struggle:
The Trials of a Political Minstrel

“I have suffered more than 50 imprisonments, death threats, mistreatment and destruction
of my music material, the most recent in the city of Guadalajara.”
Mexican ‘corrido’, Andrés Contreras, found himself in rather unusual surroundings
when he spoke at a Freemuse session at one of Mexico’s most prestigious Universities in
June 2007. The occasion was the 14th biennial conference held in Mexico by the International
Association for the Study of Popular Music, IASPM.

Contreras told the audience about harassment by police wherever he performs, especially in
Puebla, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Estado de México, Oaxaca and Chiapas, which
are some of the states of Mexico where there are the most records of violations of human
rights and freedom of expression.
Read the very personal testimony
of Andrés Contreras at:

Music Freedom Day:
A global manifestation. You can join

Earlier this year media houses from Canada and USA in the west to Zimbabwe in the south
and Pakistan in the east joined the first global ‘Music Freedom Day’ – an idea originating
from CBC producer Ann MacKeigan.
Music Freedom Day will be repeated next year in the beginning of March. Freemuse welcome
any media to join the initiative.
Read more:

Nobel Peace Centre: Exhibition on freedom of expression

Freemuse has been a consultant to the exhibition “Where is the limit?” about
freedom of expression and its dilemmas. The exhibition is opening on 25 September 2007
at the Nobel Peace Center in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Freemuse was involved in
preparing a part of the exhibition describing limitations of freedom of musical
expression and censorship.
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Conference activities

Programme officer Ole Reitov will lecture in Bergen, Norway on 13 September 2007 at the
International symposium “Music and identity”. The symposium commemorating the 100th
year of the death of composer Edward Grieg will highlight that Edward Grieg was a
defender of freedom, democracy, justice and the rule of law in both his attitude
and his actions. Ole Reitov will talk on the subject “Music censorship – the clash
within civilisations”.
Read more:

Freemuse Executive Director Marie Korpe will give a talk at the conference
“Popular Songs in Media Society” at Basel University on 5-6 October 2007.



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