Nepal: Indian Bollywood film screening stopped for “spreading hatred”

9 October 2012

A radical faction of Nepal‘s ruling Maoist party has forced through that cinemas in Nepal may not show Indian Bollywood film.

The decision to ban the films does not come from the government but from a political party. It is being implemented even so, because the radical faction of the ruling Unified Communist Party of Nepal threatened that supporters would attack any cinema hall that continued showing Hindi films.

The party’s leader, Mohan Vaidya, was reported to have said that Bollywood is spreading hatred against Nepal because the films portray Nepalese as servants and show Nepalese in bad light.

“Fifty cinema halls, which were showing Hindi films, stopped screening Indian movies,” said Raj Kumar Rai, chairman of the Nepal Film Producers Association, according to a report by PTI: “We want the government to regularise the screening of foreign films so as to encourage the indigenously made films.”

Indian authorities have said there were over 500 heavy vehicles carrying films and other essential commodities which were stopped in the Bhansar area of Belhia in Nepal. Chances are that all the cinema theatres of Nepal will shut down if the ban is not withdrawn.

The cinema network QFX decided to shut down all their theatres because of the lack of quality Nepali films to be screened. Other cinema halls including Big Cinemas, Guna Cinemas and Gopi Krishna Movies are only screening Nepali films.

Daily Mail – 3 October 2012:
Bollywood films ‘banned’ in Nepal

Republica – 2 October 2012:
No other way for Nepali films than to earn the audience

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