Nepal: Goverment ban on songs that ‘promote civil war’

31 July 2009

Nepal Television has banned a music video based on Maoist leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai on the charge that the song ‘encourages civil war’, reported the new Nepalese media group Republica


Republica wrote:
“In the duet ‘Baburam Naya Npela Kun Charako Nam’, women celebrating Teej festival ask Dr Bhattarai how to make a new Nepal. The song was published in the name of folk singer Krishna Devkota, and Devi Gharti and Khuman Adhikary have lent voice to the song.

It was being played in a program called Sangeet Sarovar on Nepal Television as an advertisement. Issuing a statement on Saturday, singer Devkota said he was informed by Nepal Television officials Saturday morning that the song had been banned as per the order from higher-ups. Devkota termed the government move as “a violation of the freedom of expression.”

Kundan Aryal, press advisor to Minister for Information and Communications Shankar Pokharel, said the government has decided to ban some songs as they promoted civil war and the song on Dr Bhattarai could be one of them.”

Janadesh Weekly reported that the government of Nepal generally has issued a ban on all songs that are related to the Maoist party.


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