Namibia: Artist banned due to “formal and content” issues

27 November 2012

A controversial and edgy exhibition of works by renowned Namibian artist, Imke Rust, has been banned from the Woermannhaus gallery due to the critical stance the artist takes on environmental threats affecting the coast.

Other artists are now threatening to boycott the gallery in protest against the decision to ban the work of Imke Rust.

It is understood that Rust had a provisional booking at the gallery, but her work was later rejected by the Swakopmund Arts Committee (SAA), due to “formal and content” issues.

Rust’s latest exhibition addresses ongoing debates about increased mining and industrial activities along the Namib coast. Through a powerful body of diverse multi-media artworks, the artist invites the viewer to consider the complexities of developmental issues and the impact our actions may have on the environment and people.

Imke Rust will now be exhibiting her work from 9 to 29 December 2012 at a private venue in Swakopmund, The Last Resort in Libertina Amathila Street and the public can expect to see her edgy and thought-provoking work after all. The artist will be present at the opening and throughout most of the show, entitled, “and I sensed an infinite scream passing through the Namib.”
Namib Times – 23 November 2012:
Artist banned from gallery

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