Myanmar (former Burma)

2 January 2000

Myanmar/Burma: ‘Will censorship of music end?’ asks BBC reporter in Rangoon
BBC News’ Jonah Fisher has interviewed Ye Ngwe Soe, lead-singer of the punk band No U Turn, one of the best-known acts on the Rangoon punk scene.
13 April 2012
Myanmar/Burma: Musician Win Maw released
Win Maw, one of Burma’s most famous musicians, is reported to have been released from Kyaukphyu Prison in Arakan State on 13 January 2012 at 13:40 pm local time
13 January 2012
Darko C
Video interview with Darko C from Rangoon about the loosening censorship controls over media and the arts, produced by Voice of America on 12 January 2012
13 January 2012
Myanmar/Burma: Aung San Suu Kyi congratulates Freedom to Create Prize winner
A specially recorded congratulatory message for Win Maw from Burma’s pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi
20 November 2011
Myanmar/Burma: Win Maw receives Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artist Prize
Burma’s famous musician and human rights activist Win Maw received the 2011 Freedom to Create Imprisoned Artist Prize in absentia
19 November 2011
Myanmar/Burma: Awareness concert and award nomination for imprisoned singer
Concert event on 26 November 2011 in Thailand for Win Maw, imprisoned in Burma since 2008, and now shortlisted for the Freedom to Create Prize
16 November 2011
Myanmar/Burma: Authorities release political detainees in an amnesty
The popular satirist Zarganar is among dozens of political prisoners who have been released on 12 October 2011 as part of a wider amnesty. No news yet about Win Maw
12 October 2011
Myanmar/Burma: Zayar Thaw barred from singing at a live concert
Zayar Thaw, a famous hip hop singer, was barred by Mingla Taung Nyunt township authorities from singing at a live concert in Rangoon, reported The Irrawaddy
08 August 2011
Myanmar/Burma: New censorship restrictions on traditional dance troupes
In order to weed out vulgar jokes about government officials, all Burmese traditional dance troupes are required to perform a full-dress rehearsal in front of a censorship board
14 July 2011
Myanmar/Burma: Interviews with rapper Thaw after his release from prison
The Burmese rapper Zayar Thaw is ‘hot news’ after he was released from prison. Two exiled Burmese news agencies have published interviews with him
27 May 2011
Myanmar/Burma: Hip-hop star given amnesty after three years in prison
Zayar Thaw, a prominent hip hop artist and member of the outlawed Generation Wave youth activist group, has been released after to and a half years in prison
19 May 2011
Music Freedom Day: Local ownership creates diversity of innovative events
Music Freedom Day 2011: An exiled DJ returns to Kabul, music is smuggled out from Burma, and Freemuse hands over an award to an imprisoned singer in Cameroon
09 March 2011
Myanmar/Burma: New Win Maw songs smuggled out of Burma
The singer and human rights activist Win Maw continues his struggle for freedom of expression from the prison. Freemuse received three new songs from him.
16 February 2011
Generation Wave
Audio interview with Generation Wave – a group of Burmese hip-hop artists and activists – about freedom of expression and censorship among musicians in their country
11 February 2011
Myanmar/Burma: Music a vehicle for significant dissent
Nine out of 12 songs on Thxa Soe’s most recent album were banned by Burma’s censorship board. Interview with Thxa Soe in the British newspaper The Guardian
26 April 2010
Myanmar/Burma: Exiled musicians publish album of protest songs
A new album of satire, poetry and music produced by Burmese activists living in exile in India is aired around the world and smuggled into Burma
19 April 2010
Myanmar/Burma: Hip hop musician’s third year in prison
Burma’s popular hip-hop artist Zayar Thaw serves his third year under detention in a prison at Kawthaung
07 April 2010
Myanmar/Burma: Ban on Western musical instruments
Burma’s Ministry of Culture has ordered the country’s traditional Saing orchestras not to use Western musical instruments
06 January 2010
Myanmar/Burma: Two musicians arrested, another released after torture
Singer Nyi Paing and songwriter Min Satta have reportedly been arrested by Burmese authorities, while the singer Htoo Htoo Chay has been released after torture
16 November 2009
Myanmar/Burma: Hip-hop artist released from prison
On 6 January 2009, the Burmese military junta authorities released popular hip-hop singer Yan Yan Chan, who was arrested in April 2008
12 January 2009
Myanmar/Burma: Hip-hop performer sentenced to six years in prison
Hip-hop star Zayar Thaw was sentenced to six years imprisonment by a Rangoon court on 20 November 2008 for his involvement in anti-regime protests
21 November 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Musican Win Maw sentenced to six years in prison
Musician Win Maw received a sentence of six years imprisonment by a closed court in Rangoon’s Insein Prison on 11 November 2008, relatives reported
14 November 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Introduction to Burma’s dangerous hip-hop scene
An animated video by Scott Bateman and Edith Mirante.
12 August 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Interview with exiled musician Mun Awng
Mun Awng is a musician who left Burma to make music freely and in hope of improving the political situation in his country
01 July 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Musician Win Maw arrested
International PEN calls for immediate release of Burmese musician Win Maw, arrested in November 2007 and is said to be seriously ill as a result of torture in detention.
15 May 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Musicians are being arrested
Two members of the controversial – and popular – Burmese hip-hop group Acid have been arrested, along with the lead guitarist in Shwe Thansin group
30 April 2008
Campaign: Urge for immediate release of Burmese musician
Freemuse joins campaign supporting Win Maw, arrested on 27 November 2007. His arrest is thought to be part of the wider crackdown on pro-democracy activists.
25 April 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Flow of secret music files
Exiled Burmese musicians develop alternative communication channels, and their music is being smuggled across borders and distributed secretly within Burma via the internet
27 September 2007
Myanmar/Burma: Musical satire banned by authorities
Authorities have banned a video compact disc depicting a traditional performance on the grounds that some of the content is critical of the military government
30 November 2006
Myanmar/Burma: Music under siege
Music provides a rallying point for the masses during political upheavals in Burma. An excerpt from the book ‘Shoot the Singer’: Chapter 6
28 October 2005
Aung Zaw: Music censorship in Myanmar / Burma
Video interview with journalist Aung Zaw about music censorship in Myanmar/Burma. Recorded in April 2004
26 October 2004
Myanmar/Burma: Conscripted for Karaoke
Promoting the Burmese governments National Convention, three famous singers are singing a jingle on tv — but news indicate that they were conscripted into singing and possibly blackmailed by authorities
14 June 2004
Shoot the Singer! Book
‘Shoot the Singer! Music Censorship Today’ is the first worldwide presentation of contemporary cases of music censorship
25 May 2004

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