Morocco/UAE/Egypt: Film ‘Exodus’ banned for “historical inaccuracies”

2 January 2015

The Ridley Scott film ‘Exodus’ has been banned in countries across the Middle East. The film, which has been criticised widely for its ‘whitewashing’, has now been pulled in Morocco, Egypt and the UAE.

However, the reasons being given for the film’s ban all seem to be different. For instance, in Egypt the Cultural Minister Gaber Asfour said he had issues with it being a “Zionist film” which showed Egypt’s Jewish community building the pyramids, something Egypt says is far from the truth and promotes a Zionist agenda.

In the United Arab Emirates, Director of Media Content Tracking at the National Media Council, Juma Obeid Al Leem, lambasted the film for misrepresenting Islam and the other religions the film portrays.

In Morocco, different film houses were told personally that the film should not be screened because it contains a scene where God is represented by a child during a conversation with Moses. Depictions of God are forbidden within Islam. However, this decision came after it was let through by Moroccan authorities.

In an interview with AFP some film house owners and distributors were told by phone that they had to pull the film immediately. Some were incensed by the news, with one telling reporters, “I hate censorship.” Yet most cinema managers agreed to respect the decision by the Moroccan Cinema Centre.

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