Morocco: Rapper Al Shuaibi reportedly released from prison

6 April 2015


After six months imprisonment at the Civil Prison in El Araich city, the Moroccan rapper Al Shuaibi was set free on 27 February 2015, reported

After his release from prison, Al Shuaibi made a public statement to, saying that he will proceed with his “call for justice and rights” in his next songs, and that “if the word of truth leads to jail, then I am ready for it. Nothing will shut me up except death.”

Abdul Mou’men Al Shuaibi had been accused of drug dealing, but civil and law organisations which had followed Al Shuaibi’s court case stated that the real cause of his arrest was a song which he had produced, and that he was to be considered as a ‘political prisoner’.

The song was promulgated on many websites, including and the Moroccan e-magazine, the source of this news. The lyrics included direct accusations of corruption among Moroccan police.

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