Morocco: Film actress attacked, humiliated and exiled

17 November 2015


The Moroccan actress Lubna Abidar who starred in the movie ‘Zin li fik’ (‘Much Loved’) has been violently attacked in Morocco and has consequently fled to France to seek asylum in a European country.

Lubna Abidar was reported to have left her country on 8 November 2015, travelling to France, after being attacked and injured by an anonymous knife wielding gang in Casablanca on 6 November 2015. The actress posted pictures online showing injuries, cuts and bruises to her face and arm.

She said she went to city police headquarters in Casablanca, but the officers laughed at her words about the attack and refused to take a victim statement. “Finally, Abidal, someone beat you up,” an officer allegedly told her. Lubna said that hospital workers also refused to help her, in addition to insulting and humiliating her.

The film ‘Much Loved’ about prostitution in Morocco was banned in the country and has been described in the Morrocan media as an “insult to moral values”. Prior to the incident in Casablanca, Ms Abidar had been receiving threats.

Morocco World News reported that the National Security of Morocco had initiated a juridical prosecution of the actress because of statements she made in a video. The public lawyer sent a complaint to the Agent of the King at the Court of First Instance in Casablanca asking to open an investigation of Lubna Abidar. The Directorate stated that her statements in the video are false and insulting of the Directorate’s employees.

Photo above: Lubna Abidar. From her Facebook profile.


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