Morocco: Continued harrasment and banning of performances

3 August 2015


In Morocco, performances of the theatre piece ‘B7al B7al’ have repeatedly been interrupted and banned: On 13 June 2015 in Rabat, on 4 and 5 July in Tangiers, and then on 1 August in Fez.

‘B7al B7al’ is a creation of the Theatre of the Oppressed company from Casablanca – Théatre de l’Opprimé Casablanca – and is based on a forum theatre concept developed in partnership with Racines and The Minority Globe in a framework of Mix City project.

The performances are played in public places to raise awareness, in a fun way, on the racism against sub-Saharan migrants. The play consists of a theatrical performance for half an hour followed by interactions with the audience for half an hour.

» BabelMed – 5 July 2015:
Interdiction des deux représentations de “b7al b7al” à Tanger!

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