Mexico: Musicians abducted, one killed

19 November 2015


After midnight of 17 November 2015, the narcocorridos band Los 4 Herederos was attacked in the town of Taray in the state of Jalisco. One of the musicians was killed.

An armed commando in three trucks intercepted the band’s pickup truck and violently kidnapped the members of the band as they were on their way back home to El Grullo, also in the state of Jalisco, after having performed a concert.

They took them to a rural area of Tamazula and Zapotiltic, where they killed one of the band’s members.

Jalisco’s General Attorney is investigating the case, but refused to give further information, including the name of the victim. The body of the musician was moved by authorities to Ciudad Guzmán in order to do an autopsy. The location or the status of the other four members is unknown.

Narcocorridos artists frequently endangered
In the fragile political scenario of Mexico characterised by rampant violence and impunity across the country, narcocorridos artists are frequently endangered.

The narcocorrido is a variation of corrido, a traditional Mexican ballad that has its origins in several music genres, such as waltz and polka. The main difference between the traditional corridos and narcocorrido songs is that while corridos used to tell stories of the Mexican Independence’s movement, the main topics of the stories told by narcocorridos are about real Mexican drug lords, their violent actions and their lifestyle. Because of the nature of the lyrics, narcocorrido singers are often legally prosecuted or restricted by media outlets or authorities at all levels. During 2015, narcocorridos in particular have been focus of controversies and attacks in Mexico.


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