Cuba: Member of San Isidro Movement arbitrarily detained

18 November 2020
Image: Denis Solís González / Denis Solís González on Facebook


9 November: Rapper, activist and member of the San Isidro Movement Denis Solís González was detained in La Habana after sharing a video on 6 November of a police officer entering his house without a warrant, reports ADN Cuba.

Solís was taken to El Vivác prison, which is known to hold political prisoners, without his family and friends knowing the reason for his arrest. In the video he shared, Solís throws the police officer out of his home, and sources close to the activist claim this can be used by the authorities as a “contempt of authority” act.

Posted by Denis Solis González on Friday, November 6, 2020


The rapper was among other members of the San Isidro Movement that were arrested on 10 October to prevent their concert for the freedom of Cuba to take place, which was covered by Freemuse. A few days later, on 19 October, Solís tattooed on his chest “Cambio Cuba Libre” (Change Free Cuba) as a statement to his discontent to Cuban authorities, adding on Facebook that “they have to tear the skin of my chest apart”.


Posted by Denis Solis González on Monday, October 19, 2020


On 12 November, several members of the San Isidro Movement protested outside of Cuba y Chacón police station, demanding freedom for Denis Solís. Among them were Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara and Iliana Hernández, who requested information on the whereabouts of Solís, but were detained while trying to do so.

The other members from San Isidro Movement that were detained, though released later in the day, include Anamely Ramos, Maykel Osorbo, Oscar Casanella, Jorge Luis Brian, Héctor Luis Valdés Cocho, Esber Rafael, Braulio Hastié and Juan Antonio Madrazo Luna.

In Freemuse’s State of Artistic Freedom 2020 Report, Cuba was evaluated in the top 10 Countries to have detained the highest number of artists in 2019. Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara, for instance, was arrested more than a dozen times in the same year.



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