Mali: The day the music stopped

18 October 2012
In the session ‘THE DAY THE MUSIC STOPPED: MALI’, journalist and Freemuse Vice Chair Daniel Brown talks to Manny Ansar who is Festival Director of the Desert Festival in Mali.

Manny Ansar gives an insight into the difficulties faced by musicians in the Northern regions of Mali. The conversation is followed by a performance of the desert blues band Terakaft.


Daniel Brown introduces the session with these words:
“This session is an example of how politics, history, economics and music intertwine ina very dramatic fashion.”

Information about this video clip
This video shows Session 9 on Day 1 of the conference ‘All that is Banned is desired’ held in Oslo, Norway, in October 2012.

Manny Ansar, Festival Director (Mali)

Daniel Brown, Journalist and Vice Chair of Freemuse (France)

Terakaft (Mali)

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