Malaysia: Comic book banned for translating the word God as Allah

1 April 2014

Malaysia has banned a translation of a comic book with the popular Japanese superhero Ultraman after it used the word “Allah” to describe Ultraman.


The Home Ministry said in a statement that the Malay-edition of ‘Ultraman, The Ultra Power’ contained elements that can undermine public security and societal morals.

» Global Voices – 15 March 2014:
Ultraman Comic Book Banned in Malaysia for Using the Word ‘Allah’
The ‘Ultraman The Ultra Power’ edition featured a character described as being “considered to be, and respected as, the ‘God’ or Elder of all Ultra heroes”. The word God was translated as Allah in the publication. Officials who banned the comic book said children might be confused when they read Allah. Article by Mong Palatino

» The Guardian | Agence France-Presse – 7 March 2014:
Malaysia censors Ultraman comic for ‘irresponsible use of the word Allah’
Ministry says use of ‘Allah’ in translated comic book could damage faith of Muslim youths and threaten public safety

» Time – 7 March 2014:
A Japanese Superhero Is Apparently Destroying Malaysia
Authorities in the country have banned an Ultraman comic book for “subverting public security” and undermining morals because it uses the word Allah. By David Stout

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