Malaysia: American artist banned for offending religious sensitivities

31 October 2013

Malaysian authorities have banned a planned concert by the American pop singer Ke$ha after deciding it would hurt cultural and religious sensitivities.


The organiser of the concert, Livescape, told the news agencies that it received a letter from the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia about the ban and that it will be losing US$ 350,000 because of it. The concert was to be held on 2 November 2013 at a Kuala Lumpur stadium.

“Muslims make up 60 per cent of multi-ethnic Malaysia’s 28 million people, while Christians account for about nine per cent, and Malaysia is known for its relatively moderate version of Islam. But conservatives occasionally cry foul over concerts by Western artists whom they accuse of promoting promiscuity, corrupting young people or offending religious sensitivities, though most concerts usually go ahead,” wrote AFP.

Ke$ha has songs that make explicit references to sex and liquor.

In September 2013, authorities in Muslim-majority Malaysia banned a planned concert by US heavy metal group Lamb of God after Islamic authorities declared the band’s music religiously offensive.

American superstar Beyonce has twice cancelled shows in Malaysia amid criticism of her image, while the American singer Erykah Badu had a concert cancelled by authorities in 2012 after a photo appeared showing her with the Arabic word for “Allah” painted on her body.

The Associated Press / – 25 october 2013:
Malaysia bans Ke$ha concert, cites ‘culture’ clash

AFP / Gulf News – 26 October 2013:
Ke$ha banned in Malaysia
Pop singer forced to cancel concert after authorities put a ban on her

Las Vegas Guardian Express – 26 October 2013:
Ke$ha Banned from Playing in Malaysia by Government Officials
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