Malawi: National radio bans the music of musician Lucius Banda

11 January 2010
Malawi Broadcasting Corporation has banned the music of one the country’s top musicians, Lucius Banda, because songs on his latest album express criticism of the country’s government, reported on 5 January 2010

An article on stated that according to an internal memorandum issued to the staff of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s two radio channels, Lucius Banda’s music should not be played on air, neither his music material or spoken word. The memo further warned its staff to take the information as a “last warning.”

Lucius Banda is one of the most popular musicians in the country. He recently released his 15th album, entitled ‘Fifteen Fifteen’, which contains songs which allegedly attack the government of Malawi’s president Bingu Wa Mutharika. Lucius Banda was once himself a politician and a Member of Parliament.

Africa News also reported that this is not his first time for his music to be banned in Malawi.

A big blow
In an interview with the private radio station Capital Radio – which is playing his music – Lucius Banda was quoted as saying:
“It’s a big blow as a musician and a citizen.”
He also said that he will drag the state media to court over the matter.


Lucius Banda
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