Lebanon: Singer questioned because of his song

23 April 2021
Image: Singer Elie Massaad / Elie Massaad on Facebook


9 April 2021:  The Mount Lebanon Intelligence Service called Lebanese singer Elie Massaad for questioning regarding his song We lost you a great ruler, after a group of individuals attributed the song to “a great reference in the country”, reported Lebanese Daily.

According to Skeyes Media, the artist confirmed during the questioning that his song does not target any officials. Massaad was asked to contribute to the limitation of spreading the song on social media channels because of “the personal and moral abuse it inflicts on the great authority” and the potential increase in the crack between the parts of the society.

In his Facebook post, Massaad said that he was treated with “hospitality and consideration” during the questioning at the Mount Lebanon Intelligence Service, as Lebanese Daily reported.

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