Lebanon: Comedian questioned over a video published online

17 May 2021
Image: Flag of Lebanon / Image by David Peterson from Pixabay


7 May 2021: The Internal Security Forces (ISF) Cybercrime Bureau questioned Lebanese comedian Shaden Fakih over allegedly mocking the ISF in a video she posted on social media criticising the permits system during COVID-19 lockdown, reported L’Orient Today.

In the video, Fakih called the ISF saying that she wanted to buy sanitary products, but she did not want to get fined due to curfew time. 

مسلسل الاستدعاءات: شادن

مكتب جرائم المعلوماتية يحقّق مع شادن فقيه، والسبب فوطة صحية. The ISF Cybercrime Bureau interrogates Shaden Fakih over sanitary pads Turn captions ON for English subtitles #menstruation #repression #lebanon #قمع #تحقيق #لبنان Shaden Esperanza

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In the video posted on her Instagram account, Fakih explained what happened during the questioning. The artist noted that the video was a criticism of the permissions system and did not aim to offend the ISF.

On the day of the questioning, activist protested, showing support to Fakih.

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