Kuwait: Concert with American singer cancelled

27 April 2015


A concert with the American singer Akon was scheduled to be held on 11 April 2015, but was cancelled after more than 9,000 tweets with the hashtag #Stop_Saturday_Concert_in Kuwait (in Arabic language) called for a cancellation of the concert.

The discussion on Twitter became a heated debate between Kuwaiti citizens about social and religious values in Kuwait. Some tweets claimed the content of Akon’s songs represented a ‘degeneration’ of these values, while others rejected the calls to cancel the concert and considered them “a violation to freedom of expression and creation.”

The Parliamentary Deputy Mr Hamoud Al Hamdan confirmed that the bureau of the Ministry of Interior had informed him of the decision to cancel the concert. Al Hamdan stated that “he is committed to hold the entities which invited Akon to Kuwait responsible for their action, since the singer is known to be using ‘indecent’ language in his concerts.”

“We will not be complacent to any matter that violates either our religion or our moral system,” Al Hamdan stated. He also called for the Ministries of Mass Communication and Interior to verify the moral and background of any singer who would like to hold a concert or visit the country, in order to “protect the manners of our children not to be influenced by such ‘degenerate’ artists.”

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