Kosovo: The exhibition cancelled due to artist’s cross border issues

25 February 2020
Image: Part of one of the Suzana Stojadinović’s blocked paintings “Hodočašće” / courtesy of Suzana Stojadinović’s


16 October 2019: The exhibition of the Serbian painter Suzana Stojadinović scheduled to be open in Mitrovica at the Gallery of the Serbian Faculty of Arts was cancelled because the artist was not allowed to bring her artworks across the border, reported Blic 

The gallery informed about the cancellation on Facebook and said that the reason for the artwork being stopped on the border is “the ban of Kosovo officials.” 

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It was not my art that was so problematic; it was my nationality. I am Serbian,” Stojadinović told Freemuse.  

The artist further added that she wasn’t let to enter in Kosovo, as Kosovo Albanian custom did not want to recognize as a valid, invitation from the University Gallery in Kosovska Mitrovica, the northern part where Serbian population mostly lives.”  

Image: One of Stojadinović’s blocked paintings “Pozivnica” / courtesy of Suzana Stojadinović 


Stojadinović’s situation comes in a time of Freemuse’s annual event Music Freedom Day 2020 held on 3 March. This year’s event theme is Art Across Borders. Mobility is crucial to artists and their careers as it enables them to reach a larger audience and network, experience cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, learn new skills and artistic techniques and stimulate their creativity 

Stay informed on the coming updates on Music Freedom Day 2020 and cultural events held around the world within the theme.  

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